Ownest Matte Liquid Lipstick set….or simply Kylie Cosmetics knock off….???

Greetings all!

Longtime no type. So the other day, in a moment of weakness, I splurged on a few products from amazon.co.uk. For various reasons, such as Brexit and shipping and import costs, amongst others, I try to veere away from amazon and their associated companies and services. It is a difficult thing to do.

Anyway, I bought a few things. One of which was this mini liquid lipstick set, called Ownest MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK BIRTHDAY EDITION. Its is odd to say the least. I thought I was buying a cheap lipstick set and was its own brand. Cheap it is. But original it is not. The lipstick names are literally a copy and paste of the Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks. The most ridiculously obvious one being Koko K and Dolce K. Like, bitch, what the fuck? I like originality….but let’s not drag them through the gutter just yet. The actual product might be of some bit of quality, even if the names are all stolen….

I decided to go “mad” and wear Exposed. Uhm…yeah…they are all a weird set of lipsticks. Initially, it felt sort of tacky, or even glue-y….When my lips smacked together, they had to slowly unfurrell from each other. But, in hindesite, At first, I can barely pull this colour off. It is difficult to decide if it suits me or not. I think it looked ok on me partially due to the khaki green hoodie I was wearing…

Then I tried out Candy K. Beautiful pink. I actual was really impressed with the colour. The Vibrancy of them all. Again, it felt tacky, but it wasn’t overly so like Leo was . I have to say, this pink is total applicable to any situation, day time or night time. I genuinely loved it.

This isn’t the same shade as the Kylie Cosmetics counterpart. I genuinely believe that the names are so renowned in popular culture, that the company just lifted them and put them to their own shades. Kylie’s Candy K is noticeably different to Ownest shade called Candy K

The current lipstick i am wearing, while writing this post is Kristen. Clearly, Kylie named this in honour of her very successful momager, Kris. Whether, Ownest named this colour in honour of Kris Jenner is questionable. Click the link above to see the difference in shade. It is obvious the names have been taken due to the fame they carry with them.

However, Ownest’s Kristen is a lovely solid rouge. I must admit, it is a little dramatic for a daytime look, but I am still wearing it, despite that.

Colour Name- Kristen

The wearability of these lipsticks is long-lasting. Maybe it is due part to the tackiness of the product. But if you are in a busy job, don’t have much of a chance for top ups or reapplication, it is actual a very handy product to have on you. Both applicably and physically. The actual size of the containers are quite small. But when you don’t have to reapply it several times a day, it may last for long period of time.

Kristen was a solid colour. I wore it all day. It is resilient. But at the end of the day, it was very patchy on the lips. This can’t be seen in dull lighting, of course.

Dull room lighting. No flash photo
End of day patchiness. Flash photo

The packaging – cheap. I’m not going to beat around the bush, the packaging is indeed cheap. Both on the actual containers and the outward packaging. Literally, nothing to write home about.

Packaging & Presentation

The lipsticks are in plastic containers. Due to the type of plastic used, the containers don’t display the actual colour of the product from the outside, so they can be deceiving as to what colour you will be wearing, at a glance.

Funny enough, however, that Leo, the only colour with a different formula, applies very differently to the others. I found it to be patchy and can be easily moved, even after drying, even when a new coat is applied to remedy the patchiness. When I put on Leo the colour was deep dark red. Around the perimeter of my lips it was really light and somewhat splotchy. Towards the inside of lips, it held a heavily concentration form of the colour, all due in part toe the 2 or 3 layers of lipstick I applied to try and get an even coverage. It dried way too fast for me to even when I tried to manoeuvre it towards the outside edges of my lips. It is a sorely disappointing lipstick. This is a great shame, as the overall impression and results I gathered from the other lipsticks seemingly were fine, solide and long lasting colours (to a degree of use – i.e. food and drink consumption).

I didn’t document this as I took it off immediately after realising that it couldn’t be remedied.

In totality, these products are what you pay for them. They are cheap. The stay for a long time. They aren’t the most comfortable to wear initially, but settle over time. Looking back on what I paid for them on amazon, which was £8, I can’t complain too much about the quality. It is on par to the price point on amazon. The lipstick do their job. They may not do it well, but they do it as good as can be expected from as cheap a product as they are.

When taking product photos for this post, I was swatching the lipsticks to get a clearer picture of the actual colours, and a cap broke off from the applicator. It is a massive tell-tale sign of the cheap production and manufacturing of this brand.

I didn’t even pull it off in a moment of stupidity. I twisted the top half, in order to get the applicator out from the tube, as is done with the other 5 in the packet.

Broken cap on the left. Applicator still in tube.

Would I repurchase them again?

Not if I could help it.

Have any of ye tried out these lipsticks? What are your opinions of them? Let me know!

Also, have nay of ye tried the Kylie Lipkits of the same name as these lipstick, such as the Kylie version of Dolce, Koko K or Kristen?

My life in a bottle…

Hi everyone,

This is sort of an open letter to you all. Even though there are only a few of you following my blog at the moment.

I have really bad anxiety and depression. Basically, I can’t do anything…the most I can achieve on a daily basis is get out of bed.

What is it like? Like having a bottle of foundation on a shelf. Good, decent quality foundation too. But you can never use it foundation as you feel it looks good at a glance.

But you feel it might not be of actual good merit/quality if it were to be opened and to be used.

That is what my daily life is like…

A lot of my issues stem from that feeling of inadequacy and a ridiculous strive for perfectionism. In reality, my perfectionistic standard is one that can never be achieved, as more often than not, it is a standard that could be considered as out of this world. A result that is seen as impossible.

So my lovelies, I haven’t been posting any of my thoughts or opinions. And by Jesus, I have a few of them…

Hopefully, I will be blogging again soon.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day.

Best wishes


An important part of makeup removal – You all need to read this …..

So when I started wearing makeup on the daily, I use to only every remove it by using makeup wipes. This clearly isn’t enough to fully and completely remove makeup, as we all know, makeup seeps into our pores, in addition to oil, sweat, dirt and other by products of the skin cycle. Maekup wipes, although extremely convenient, (not to mention travel friendly), they are not good enough alone, in clearing away the dirt and debris of the skin.

When I read about oil cleansers in the skin care book compiled by Charlotte Cho, I was introduced to the many steps of the famous 10 step korean skin care routine. The first of this routine being the use of oil cleansers.

As I am based in Ireland and don’t have much money, my access to a variety of oil based cleanser was very limited at the time. I researched and explored available oil cleansers that were specifically manufactured, for skin care.

Superfacialist C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

Upon my exploration, I found on boots.ie a face oil cleanser by Una Brennan. It cost approximately €10. This cleanser lasted me ages.

Now this could be down to the fact that I wasn’t using the cleansers religiously, or possibly I didn’t find it to be an effective cleanser for my skin type.

I felt that the cleanser didn’t wash off properly, therefore leaving and oily residue on my face. I also felt that this cleanser didn’t remove the makeup well, (whether it was a full face of makeup, or partly removed with the use of makeup wipes).

However, this cleanser did last a very long time, to be honest. A small amount did cover the vast majority of my face. However, I can’t justify its longevity for the way it works on my skin.

Clean IT Zero Oil Cleansing Face Balm

I bought this from Sokoglam.com, set up by the renowned Charlotte Cho. I find this website to be a great resource, as you can find products suited to you based on a variety of criteria – oily skin/ acne prone skin/ dry skin. It is great really. This site rates this oil cleanser for approximately $20-$25. I bought this cleanser a while ago, and the details regarding the price at the time have gone from my memory. Although, a tad costly, I feel that the amount of time the cleanser last justifies the price of the product. If, however, you still find it difficult to justify buying this product, or even if money is tight for you at the moment, Sokoglam often offer their site members promotional codes and discount codes, in addition to notifying their customers of sales of different skin care product. The site allows you to rate and review, thus giving you an opportunity to research other people’s opinions, who have no bised, whatsoever.

As i have oily to combination skin, therefore, I am prone to acne break outs regularly. When I used this site’s catalogue to find skin products, I was introduced to Clean It Zero, by Banila Co. I have to say, this is definitely a holy grail staple when it comes to removing makeup. It works so well for me, removing stubborn mascara, to skin-staining lipstick.

I apply the cleanser with the little translucent, plastic, scoop that comes with the cleanser. A little goes a long way with this product.

It is resilient in regards to makeup removal. I mean – EVERYTHING comes off., even without stripping my skin of its natural oils, I can even use it to gentile remove all sorts of eye makeup such as mascara, eye liner and ridiculous amounts of eye shadow.

I cannot stress enough how well with product works. I even emulsifies beautifully. Not to mention, there is a lot in the container it comes in.

Simple Oil Cleanser

I have not tried this cleanser for very long. I have been going through a bit of a rough patch, and therefore have not been wearing makeup or washing my face.

However, I picked this item up off the shelf of my sister’s bathroom, and decided to give it a try. I tried it on dirty, bare, dry skin I have been going through a bit of a rough patch, therefore I haven’t been washing my face daily, nor have I been wearing makeup.

It is extremely light weight and non greasy. Definitely would make a great first time cleanser for any one who has no oil cleanser in their routine. Before the application of the product, I removed the top, visible layer of my makeup using Simple makeup removal wipes. (P.S. this post is definitely NOT sponsored…)

My skin feels good. When i applied the warm water to the oiled up skin, it only slightly emulsified. It didn;t make my skin feel squeeky clean like the Banila Co Clean It Zero did, but it was a nice and gentle product to use. I;d imagine that it would be very suitable for those who have sensitive skin.

I felt some bit dubious however, after the initial trial that it did have much an effect of removing my makeup. Maybe i didn’t massage the oil into my skin enough, or maybe it didn’t let it soak in enough…

Waking up, the following morning, my skin felt smooth and clean. It felt like actual skin, as opposed to the feeling of residue from my moisturizer not soaking into to my skin properly . Why this cleansing oil produced a different effect to the Banila Co Clean It Zero? I don’t know, but I feel that it would be a great first time cleansing oil for anyone, or even to use it as a cleanser when one isn’t wearing any makeup.

As you only need to use a few drops of this cleanser, it will last anyone a reasonable amount of time, not to mention, the affordability of it.

Upon retesting this product with a full beat, I was surprised to find that is melted my stubborn lipstick fairly seamlessly.

I kinda felt that it didn’t do a great job at removing my mascara, or if it really dug down into my pores, to grab at all makeup and general crap from wearing makeup for a few hours. My skin didn’t have that refreshed, or clean/breathable feeling like that from when I use Clean It Zero.

As you can see, I am very much apart of the club advocating the use of oil cleansers. They work effectively to clean away the dirty, sweat, sebum and makeup from your face. For optimal results, follow this step using a water based cleanser. This will wash away any further makeup, sweat, sebum, etc, from your pores, as they will have opened from the use of the oil cleanser.

I vehemently believe that oil cleansers are a must when it comes to makeup removal, as i believe it to be the most effective and gentliest was of removing any cosmetics from the skin. It is by far, the least aggressive form of makeup removal from any skin.

However, as a novice, I feel that I have encounter a few good oil cleansers, but have yet to find the right one for me. For anyone interested in reading up on the benefits of oil cleansers, Google is a great facility to begin your research with. However, I would highly recommend anyone to read Charlotte Cho’s book, The Little Book of Korean Skin Care. It is very comprehensive and easy to digest, in addition to being quite informative about your skin, its renewal and nourishment.

Thanks to all of you who like my first post! It really encouraged me.

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Hey everyone!

So sorry to do this so early on in my blog, but there may not be any posts or reviews for a while, as my laptop is giving me such havoc at the minute.

Again, I wish this wasn’t the case.

Thanks to everyone one who decided to like and follow my first review. It means so much to me!

Hope to be back fairly soon.


Hannah, The Beauty Novice

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I bought this collection of liner, gloss and lip crème from TK MAXX for €10 a few months back. The colour I selected is called Muddy Rose. It is a beautifully deep cinnamon hue.

I think the fact that this lip series is really cute as it gives you an option to go matte or glossy. It really does cater to many people in this respect. It also provides with a day to night look. Apply the gloss to your matte lips to give your face that party, glamour beauty queen look.

The packet provides a lip liner, a matter lip crème and finally, a gloss topper.  Bellápierre cosmetics provide this series in 14 shades, all ranging from red to soft pink, to a deep cinnamon colour.

According to the package it came in, this line is intended to be a transfer proof lip line series. One can dream, right…?

Note: let the lip crème sit for a minute or so, before applying the gloss over to minimize colour bleeding on to the gloss applicator.

Lip Set Review:

The Lip Liner –    Applies nicely                       

                             Darker than the lip cream

The Lip Crème – Nice applicator  

                             Very strong and dominant sweet smell from the crème

                             A little opaque, may need more than one application…

Dries down fairly fast

Lighter than the liner

Tacky when it dries down – lips may stick    together

The Gloss Top    

Light formula/ it isn’t dense

Doesn’t move the crème (after crème has dried, of course…)

Applicator doesn’t always pick up same amount of product- for both crème and gloss

Beautiful shine given to lips, once applied

The Gloss Applicator after touching the applied lip crème
     The finished application of all 3 products


The more movement between the lips, the more the shine diminishes

Gloss sometimes runs off the lips. May fall on to chin, especially if eating or drinking. 

The Gloss running onto my chin…

The Wear Test:

I must admit, the first time I wore it, I was very impressed. The colour and initial finish was gorgeous. The gloss has a nice bright, shine to it, giving the lips a certain plumpness and fullness, which brings a certain finish to the entire look of the face.

But…This product IS NOT transfer proof whatsoever.

I have worn this product several times already and it is not a long-lasting lip kit. Its longevity is shortened significantly if you are drinking or eating whilst wearing the products.

After two sips from my morning tea

Initially, the lips look amazing once completed. However, after an hour of wear, the shine of the gloss has diminished a lot. I was very disappointed when I saw this. Without any reapplication of gloss, the trial continued. After another hour of wear (hour 2) my lips started to feel dry and the lines of my lips started to become more prominent than usual, which doesn’t look great on me, to be honest. After another 30 minutes, the lip products begin to fall off as a result of dryness, clumping and chipping.

The butthole effect

If you have not filled in your entire lip with the liner product, the natural colour of your lip will be obvious once the colour falls away from the lips. In honour of Safiya Nygaard, the butt hole is extremely noticeable when this happens….

Ultimately, these products are mediocre, at best. The best item out of the three is the lip liner. I found it to be very smooth when applying and stayed on for a fairly decent amount of time, especially when the lip crème disappeared from the inner part of my lips.

One thing to warn you, dear reader, is of the gloss topper container – often when left on its side, the contents will seep out a little and coat the container, and anything else touching it, in a slippery film of gloss. Unfortunately, this is a huge deterrent for me, as it would make me apprehensive of taking the gloss along with me, going on my adventures or daily life… (I want to keep the inside of my handbag clean-ish). Due to the unreliability of the container of these products, I wouldn’t be inclined to wear it out somewhere due to the potential of it leaking in my handbag.

Thank you for reading my review and experience of this product, I hope it was informative and helpful to you.

If you have ever tried this Kiss Proof Slay line, let me know what your experience of it was. I am curious to see if the issues I had with it are experienced by you guys, or maybe leave some advice for me to utilise it better, or even if I am applying it incorrectly…

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Thanks again!


Hannah, TheBeautyNovice

Greetings From A Novice!

Hello everyone and welcome!

I am Hannah and I am a novice when it comes to all topics beauty related. I decided to set up this site so I may unleash my ‘creativity’ when it comes to all thing beauty and makeup related. I don’t really have anyone to speak with on this topic because neither of the women in my family like makeup and my friends are leaps and bounds ahead of me in terms of technique and style.

I haven’t yet established any ‘style’ as such. However, a typical staple of my makeup is a bold lippy. I love a bold lip. Partly, because I am horrible at eye makeup, but also partly due to how easy it is to take lipstick and lip liner with you and do it on the move. In case you can’t tell, I am nearly always late for appointments, so, I tend to do my face quiet often in a rush in my car, or on the bus or train.

I hope you continue to follow me on my journey diving into the realm of makeup.

I hope to write up some reviews on products that I have tried in the past and makeup looks that may come to be as a result of playing with makeup.

Thanks for finding my page! I’m excited for the future with this blog!!

See you around.