I bought this collection of liner, gloss and lip crème from TK MAXX for €10 a few months back. The colour I selected is called Muddy Rose. It is a beautifully deep cinnamon hue.

I think the fact that this lip series is really cute as it gives you an option to go matte or glossy. It really does cater to many people in this respect. It also provides with a day to night look. Apply the gloss to your matte lips to give your face that party, glamour beauty queen look.

The packet provides a lip liner, a matter lip crème and finally, a gloss topper.  Bellápierre cosmetics provide this series in 14 shades, all ranging from red to soft pink, to a deep cinnamon colour.

According to the package it came in, this line is intended to be a transfer proof lip line series. One can dream, right…?

Note: let the lip crème sit for a minute or so, before applying the gloss over to minimize colour bleeding on to the gloss applicator.

Lip Set Review:

The Lip Liner –    Applies nicely                       

                             Darker than the lip cream

The Lip Crème – Nice applicator  

                             Very strong and dominant sweet smell from the crème

                             A little opaque, may need more than one application…

Dries down fairly fast

Lighter than the liner

Tacky when it dries down – lips may stick    together

The Gloss Top    

Light formula/ it isn’t dense

Doesn’t move the crème (after crème has dried, of course…)

Applicator doesn’t always pick up same amount of product- for both crème and gloss

Beautiful shine given to lips, once applied

The Gloss Applicator after touching the applied lip crème
     The finished application of all 3 products


The more movement between the lips, the more the shine diminishes

Gloss sometimes runs off the lips. May fall on to chin, especially if eating or drinking. 

The Gloss running onto my chin…

The Wear Test:

I must admit, the first time I wore it, I was very impressed. The colour and initial finish was gorgeous. The gloss has a nice bright, shine to it, giving the lips a certain plumpness and fullness, which brings a certain finish to the entire look of the face.

But…This product IS NOT transfer proof whatsoever.

I have worn this product several times already and it is not a long-lasting lip kit. Its longevity is shortened significantly if you are drinking or eating whilst wearing the products.

After two sips from my morning tea

Initially, the lips look amazing once completed. However, after an hour of wear, the shine of the gloss has diminished a lot. I was very disappointed when I saw this. Without any reapplication of gloss, the trial continued. After another hour of wear (hour 2) my lips started to feel dry and the lines of my lips started to become more prominent than usual, which doesn’t look great on me, to be honest. After another 30 minutes, the lip products begin to fall off as a result of dryness, clumping and chipping.

The butthole effect

If you have not filled in your entire lip with the liner product, the natural colour of your lip will be obvious once the colour falls away from the lips. In honour of Safiya Nygaard, the butt hole is extremely noticeable when this happens….

Ultimately, these products are mediocre, at best. The best item out of the three is the lip liner. I found it to be very smooth when applying and stayed on for a fairly decent amount of time, especially when the lip crème disappeared from the inner part of my lips.

One thing to warn you, dear reader, is of the gloss topper container – often when left on its side, the contents will seep out a little and coat the container, and anything else touching it, in a slippery film of gloss. Unfortunately, this is a huge deterrent for me, as it would make me apprehensive of taking the gloss along with me, going on my adventures or daily life… (I want to keep the inside of my handbag clean-ish). Due to the unreliability of the container of these products, I wouldn’t be inclined to wear it out somewhere due to the potential of it leaking in my handbag.

Thank you for reading my review and experience of this product, I hope it was informative and helpful to you.

If you have ever tried this Kiss Proof Slay line, let me know what your experience of it was. I am curious to see if the issues I had with it are experienced by you guys, or maybe leave some advice for me to utilise it better, or even if I am applying it incorrectly…

If you want to contact me…

Email: beautynovicebusiness@gmail.com

Snapchat: thebeautynovice

Instagram: TBA

Thanks again!


Hannah, TheBeautyNovice

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