An important part of makeup removal – You all need to read this …..

So when I started wearing makeup on the daily, I use to only every remove it by using makeup wipes. This clearly isn’t enough to fully and completely remove makeup, as we all know, makeup seeps into our pores, in addition to oil, sweat, dirt and other by products of the skin cycle. Maekup wipes, although extremely convenient, (not to mention travel friendly), they are not good enough alone, in clearing away the dirt and debris of the skin.

When I read about oil cleansers in the skin care book compiled by Charlotte Cho, I was introduced to the many steps of the famous 10 step korean skin care routine. The first of this routine being the use of oil cleansers.

As I am based in Ireland and don’t have much money, my access to a variety of oil based cleanser was very limited at the time. I researched and explored available oil cleansers that were specifically manufactured, for skin care.

Superfacialist C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

Upon my exploration, I found on a face oil cleanser by Una Brennan. It cost approximately €10. This cleanser lasted me ages.

Now this could be down to the fact that I wasn’t using the cleansers religiously, or possibly I didn’t find it to be an effective cleanser for my skin type.

I felt that the cleanser didn’t wash off properly, therefore leaving and oily residue on my face. I also felt that this cleanser didn’t remove the makeup well, (whether it was a full face of makeup, or partly removed with the use of makeup wipes).

However, this cleanser did last a very long time, to be honest. A small amount did cover the vast majority of my face. However, I can’t justify its longevity for the way it works on my skin.

Clean IT Zero Oil Cleansing Face Balm

I bought this from, set up by the renowned Charlotte Cho. I find this website to be a great resource, as you can find products suited to you based on a variety of criteria – oily skin/ acne prone skin/ dry skin. It is great really. This site rates this oil cleanser for approximately $20-$25. I bought this cleanser a while ago, and the details regarding the price at the time have gone from my memory. Although, a tad costly, I feel that the amount of time the cleanser last justifies the price of the product. If, however, you still find it difficult to justify buying this product, or even if money is tight for you at the moment, Sokoglam often offer their site members promotional codes and discount codes, in addition to notifying their customers of sales of different skin care product. The site allows you to rate and review, thus giving you an opportunity to research other people’s opinions, who have no bised, whatsoever.

As i have oily to combination skin, therefore, I am prone to acne break outs regularly. When I used this site’s catalogue to find skin products, I was introduced to Clean It Zero, by Banila Co. I have to say, this is definitely a holy grail staple when it comes to removing makeup. It works so well for me, removing stubborn mascara, to skin-staining lipstick.

I apply the cleanser with the little translucent, plastic, scoop that comes with the cleanser. A little goes a long way with this product.

It is resilient in regards to makeup removal. I mean – EVERYTHING comes off., even without stripping my skin of its natural oils, I can even use it to gentile remove all sorts of eye makeup such as mascara, eye liner and ridiculous amounts of eye shadow.

I cannot stress enough how well with product works. I even emulsifies beautifully. Not to mention, there is a lot in the container it comes in.

Simple Oil Cleanser

I have not tried this cleanser for very long. I have been going through a bit of a rough patch, and therefore have not been wearing makeup or washing my face.

However, I picked this item up off the shelf of my sister’s bathroom, and decided to give it a try. I tried it on dirty, bare, dry skin I have been going through a bit of a rough patch, therefore I haven’t been washing my face daily, nor have I been wearing makeup.

It is extremely light weight and non greasy. Definitely would make a great first time cleanser for any one who has no oil cleanser in their routine. Before the application of the product, I removed the top, visible layer of my makeup using Simple makeup removal wipes. (P.S. this post is definitely NOT sponsored…)

My skin feels good. When i applied the warm water to the oiled up skin, it only slightly emulsified. It didn;t make my skin feel squeeky clean like the Banila Co Clean It Zero did, but it was a nice and gentle product to use. I;d imagine that it would be very suitable for those who have sensitive skin.

I felt some bit dubious however, after the initial trial that it did have much an effect of removing my makeup. Maybe i didn’t massage the oil into my skin enough, or maybe it didn’t let it soak in enough…

Waking up, the following morning, my skin felt smooth and clean. It felt like actual skin, as opposed to the feeling of residue from my moisturizer not soaking into to my skin properly . Why this cleansing oil produced a different effect to the Banila Co Clean It Zero? I don’t know, but I feel that it would be a great first time cleansing oil for anyone, or even to use it as a cleanser when one isn’t wearing any makeup.

As you only need to use a few drops of this cleanser, it will last anyone a reasonable amount of time, not to mention, the affordability of it.

Upon retesting this product with a full beat, I was surprised to find that is melted my stubborn lipstick fairly seamlessly.

I kinda felt that it didn’t do a great job at removing my mascara, or if it really dug down into my pores, to grab at all makeup and general crap from wearing makeup for a few hours. My skin didn’t have that refreshed, or clean/breathable feeling like that from when I use Clean It Zero.

As you can see, I am very much apart of the club advocating the use of oil cleansers. They work effectively to clean away the dirty, sweat, sebum and makeup from your face. For optimal results, follow this step using a water based cleanser. This will wash away any further makeup, sweat, sebum, etc, from your pores, as they will have opened from the use of the oil cleanser.

I vehemently believe that oil cleansers are a must when it comes to makeup removal, as i believe it to be the most effective and gentliest was of removing any cosmetics from the skin. It is by far, the least aggressive form of makeup removal from any skin.

However, as a novice, I feel that I have encounter a few good oil cleansers, but have yet to find the right one for me. For anyone interested in reading up on the benefits of oil cleansers, Google is a great facility to begin your research with. However, I would highly recommend anyone to read Charlotte Cho’s book, The Little Book of Korean Skin Care. It is very comprehensive and easy to digest, in addition to being quite informative about your skin, its renewal and nourishment.

Thanks to all of you who like my first post! It really encouraged me.

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  1. Antidote says:

    Also, wet (makeup, whatever 😀 ) wipes are reeealy bad for the skin in long term. They are really bad for the environment too because they aren’t degradable. Good that you found alternative to them 🙂

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