My life in a bottle…

Hi everyone,

This is sort of an open letter to you all. Even though there are only a few of you following my blog at the moment.

I have really bad anxiety and depression. Basically, I can’t do anything…the most I can achieve on a daily basis is get out of bed.

What is it like? Like having a bottle of foundation on a shelf. Good, decent quality foundation too. But you can never use it foundation as you feel it looks good at a glance.

But you feel it might not be of actual good merit/quality if it were to be opened and to be used.

That is what my daily life is like…

A lot of my issues stem from that feeling of inadequacy and a ridiculous strive for perfectionism. In reality, my perfectionistic standard is one that can never be achieved, as more often than not, it is a standard that could be considered as out of this world. A result that is seen as impossible.

So my lovelies, I haven’t been posting any of my thoughts or opinions. And by Jesus, I have a few of them…

Hopefully, I will be blogging again soon.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day.

Best wishes


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