The Lockdown day

Hello Everyone! I hope that you all are keeping safe and maintaining your distance, where it is possible.

So, our normal lives have been upset by this covid-19 invading our society. It really is dangerous! Please be wary of it and educate yourselves about it. Here, in Ireland we have been in isolation or social distancing since the 12th of March. This has meant that schools, churches, third level education, and other institutions have shut as part of flattening the curve of potential cases of covid19. Since then our government has been shutting non essential services and businesses, such as garden and DIY centres, libraries, and have put various limitations on the public regarding the distance one can travel on foot for exercise.

However, our lives will still have to continue on. Now, I understand this post is coming in rather late, but I have been working nights and haven’t been able to write. For this, I do apologise. So, I wanted to compile a little list of things one can do to occupy themselves for the remainder of the lockdown.

#1. Clear out the dump.

Every home has a “dump” in their house. As i live in my family home, with my siblings and parents. Over the years, we have compiled a lot of crap from adolescence to our adulthood. Clearing out the dump room, or even the attic could take up a lot of time if down and attacked correctly. By correctly, I mean to go through thoroughly, documents, papers, folders, filing cabinets etc. Those items are either crap or keep. It is so easy to grab them and bin them. But as we all have plenty time currently, it is worth everyone’s while to review these documents and see what is important to retain or what needs to be binned.

#2. Paint the house.

This is a rather time consuming job. However, it only works if you are an organised individual and have the paint ready at hand.

Alternatively, if you live in a house that has mold growing on the walls, its a great opportunity to wash it off. Cleaners and sprays can be bought at many grocery stores, so be sure to put it on the shopping list for the next time you venture out.

#3. Learn to cook new dishes

Due to the busy lives that everyone lives today, it is easy to get into a rut of cooking the same dishes week in and week out. Sometimes, this is the result of not being able to try new things due to time constraints or budgets. But, there are a plethora of cheap, and budget friendly meals online. It may also be prime time for those who want to loose some weight to bulk make healthy weight loss meals and freeze them Same can be done for those expecting a new addition the their lives. Pre make health dishes and freeze them for nights where you maybe too fatigued to cook a meal from scratch.

Now, if you can buy ingredients from local supplers would be preferable. Everyone is struggling currently. Help those around you if you are financially able. There are many articles from all around the world where fruit and veg supplers are selling directly to consumers.

#4. Paint for pleasure

When I get low, I try to paint pictures. Now, I’m a very poor artist. However, the process of painting art is so therapeutic. For me, I feel it therapeutic as it is a mindless activity, which my brain and my nervous system can relax for a little while. You never know, you maybe a talented artist, and not yet know it.

Please either buy online, or buy at a time of day where there is little footfall, to reduce your chance of being in contact with others.

#5. Read or listen

So, when I was 12 I was would read all round me. I couldn’t be stopped. But, when i hit my late teens I lost interest in books unfortunately. So now is a perfect time to get back into it. I have a load of books that I bought, believing that I would read them. Sadly, they sat on my shelf gathering dust. Now is a perfect time for me anyway, to get back into it. I feel that the best way to tackle the love for books, but having no motivation to read then is to read a chapter of two before bed, and to try and incorporate that into my life. With luck, it will become a common habite for me when lockdown is lifted.

Alternatively, if you are busy cleaning, painting, or driving, amazon are doing a free trial currently, while lockdown is in place. You can access various titles, most importantly harry potter. And escape into different worlds, which you may become obsessed with.

Currently, I’m making my way through Stephen King’s It. Its fucking chilling…and im only listneing to it. Imagine what the film is like…?

Also, maybe try your hand at writing and see houw you get on. It could be both fun and therapeutic. Just a thought….

#6. Music

Playing music: Now is a great opportunity to learn a new intruments, or at the very least a chance to dust off old instrumental skills. I have an old keyboard that i never got around to learn how to play properly. So, I am taking the time to learn it via Youtube tutorials how to play. The beauty of this is that I can go at my own pace. The downside owever, is it is easy to develop poor playing habits.

It is also a fantastic time to rediscover new and old music. I am very much a music hoarder. I file and keep various albums and singles. Both digitally and physically. I have bundles of kpop, traditonal Irish music, a bit of metal and some 70s and 80s music. I am making my way through these files and rediscovering songs thst I use to love. It’s amazing how we can leave behind music that played apart in our development as an individual. My favourite is Mika. He is a fantastic musician and singer. My all time favourite song is by him. It is called Happy Ending. It makes me feel all sorts of ways. It really evokes emotion out of my stone cold heart. I am shocked everytime i listen to it.

#7. Exercise

Everyone is exercising so much these days. I see so many people cyclign and walking for their hour long exercise time. Some are even beginning to run as it was a sport they never did before.

Another great exercise that can be done at home is yoga. There are numerous tutorials available on Youtube. It is such a great exercise because it can be done at home, meaning it is quarantine friendly. It bring many benefits with it, including flexibility and overall body workout.

#8. Makeup

I love makeup, of course. I wouldnt have this little blog other wise.

But with plenty time on your hands, you can try your hand at various styles of makeup, from glam to smokey, to even drag. Why not? Makeup is a great past time. I love it. It helps me prepare for the day – making me feel that I can face people and interact with them, especially on my hardest of days.

Now these are just a few things to do if you are really bored and looking for something to do, other than watching netflix or the news.

Please stay safe. Adhere to the guidelines, and only go out for exercise or essential journeys.

Stay safe everyone. Wash your hands. Keep your distnace.

Love you all.

Hannah xxxx

2 thoughts on “The Lockdown day

  1. Kristen Grace says:

    Sign me up for the music, exercise and cooking! I’ve been doing all of those!

    I’ve also been playing with makeup still! It’s my moment of zen… which is now proof I do my makeup for me and not for the world! Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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