Lacura – Eco Thoughtful 4 Brushset

Hi everyone. Hope ye are all well. I haven’t posted in while but here I have my review of the Lacura Eco Thoughtful brushset that was gifted to me. It was purchased in Aldi a few weeks back. I am trying to minimise my negative impact on the environment. Thus, it made a perfect present for me.

According to the cardboard sleeve that enclosed the “jute-cotton mix zip paouch…”, this product is made from “innovative PLA material that comes from renewable resources.” This doesn’t exactly tell the buyer how they are eco thoughtful, or how they are a better substitute to other brands of makeup brushes. This is what we, as consumers need to know if we wish to try a more eco friendly approach to makeup and cosmetics.

All photos taken by Hannahthebeautynovice

In fairness, they continue to write that the brush bristles are made from ” ultra soft vegan hair and aluminium ferrules.”

It doesn’t reveal where they source their materials and their other eco frindly products in the series, of even if it is just a once off.

The pouch comes with 4 brushes. Two eye and two face brushes. The eye brushes are an eyeshadow and a liner brow brush. ANd the two face brushes are a powder brush and a blush brush.

Nevertheless, here is my review of the Lacura Eco Thoughtful 4 brushset.

My initial thoughts when i opened the ouch is that these brushes weren’t genuine eco friendly brushes. Not only did they look really cheap, but they felt very similar to any other brush on the market. I honestly could see a difference in quality of brushes, other than the bristles being quite soft. But with that aside, some bristles on my powder brush were looped and tied in almost knows on it. I wasn’t too impressed with this, however, i tried to remain impartial until I tried out how they worked on the face.

Powder brush: I actually really like this brush for powdering. It feels lovely, albeit a tad cheap. When applying powder, I feel like the brush covers a decent amount of surface on my face. I go over my face with the residue of the powder on my brush after applying setting spray to my face. I genuinely think this brush helps to apply the powder evenly enough, whilst not moving any of the foundation or any other products applied prior to powder.


Blush Brush: This brush has angled bristle on it. It seems like this is done for the purpose of sweeping blush on the face. However, I fell that this brush would apply blush to the face and would place it in place where it would not be wanted. Due to the brush’s nature to apply blush to a wide scape of cheek, whethere it was intended to be there or not, I feel like this brush isn’t a great product to any makeup kit.

Eye shadow brush: This is a beautiful eyeshadow brush that picks up shadow well. However, it also allows some shadow to fall off and land on the higher portions of the cheeks. Due to the bristles being white. they will stain, despite how much they are washed, but this neither interferes with the brush’s performance nor does it improve it.

Liner Brow brush: I feel like this brush is flimsy. The bristles are quite bendable and easily led astray. It may hinder your ability to apply your liner properly.

In conclusion, I do think that these brushes surpass their price point. I also admire the approach the brand has taken to trying to be more eco conscious. Moreover, with that fact that the majority of cosmetic companies use plastic ingredients, containers and packaging. I personally feel that the most effective brush of the whole set is the powder brush. Personally, the remaining brushes are mediocre, but one can’t complain because of the affordability of them. It would be nice to see the company expand the range into eye brushes. But, maybe thie was an experiement by Lacura to see how marketable eco branded products are? WE will never know….

Thank you all for reading. If there are any other eco concsious brand out there you want me to try and review, or of you have tried any other brands, please comment below. Love to hear what you guys think.

Mind yourselves everyone. Wear a mask and wash your hands. Please don’t forget to scoail distance.

Best wishes,

Hannah The Beauty Novice

Instagram: @hannahthebeautynovice


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